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Major & Minors

The CAS Major

Because majors can take their degree in Communication Arts & Sciences in so many directions, requirements are very adaptable and allow for tremendous individualization. Majors take three core courses that teach the foundational Communication Arts & Sciences concepts; one skills course; 12 credits at the 400 level; and one other course at the 300 or 400 level. Students may choose their courses freely from among the variety of our core interests in rhetorical studies and communication sciences, including but not limited to work in political communication, public address, rhetoric of film, rhetorical criticism, interpersonal communication, health communication, presentation skills, intercultural communication, communication technology, and legal communication.

To get a sense of how you might structure your course of study based on specific interests, check out the CAS Pathways.

To more clearly understand the major requirements and the flexibility they offer, take a look at the CAS Major Checksheet.

The CAS Minors

There are a variety of minors housed by CAS.  They serve as great supplements to a wide array of majors.  Check out the list and their respective descriptions and requirements HERE.

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