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Robert W. Marriott III

Graduate Assistant, Dual Title PhD program in Communication Arts and Sciences and Bioethics

316 Sparks Building
University Park , PA 16802


  1. B.A., Philosophy, Dickinson College 2009
  2. J.D., The Pennsylvania State University 2013
  3. Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, anticipated 2017


Robert Marriott studies issues of structural miscommunication in the scientific research discourse, particularly as they relate to health issues and policy. His research looks at the role of heuristic cues in scientific publications, the distribution of beliefs in citation networks, and the effect of social influences and the insufficient communication of empirical uncertainty on scientific, medical and policy consensus. Robert has previously taught the basic course in public speaking (CAS 100A) and an online course in legal rhetoric (CAS 321 WD). He anticipates teaching courses on communication theory development and social network analysis, with an emphasis on the imperfect meeting of theory and method. Robert currently serves as the student administrator of CAS RePaSS, the department’s undergraduate research participation system. In his spare time, Robert enjoys puzzles, reading,and semiotics.

Advisors: Dr. John Gastil, Communication Arts and Sciences; Dr. Erin Heidt-Forsythe, Bioethics