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Jason Scott Andrews

Jason Scott Andrews

Lecturer in Communication Arts and Sciences

Office Phone: (814) 865-3461

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. B.F.A., Creative Writing, St. Andrews Presbyterian College, 1998
  2. M.A.M.C. Mass Communication, University of Florida, 2004
  3. Ph.D., Communication Arts and Sciences, Pennsylvania State University, 2015


Jason Scott Andrews is a “communication generalist” whose intellectual and teaching interests span the theoretical, critical, & practical arts of communication manifested in language.  Professor Andrews regularly teaches Effective Speech, Effective Speech-Criticism, Rhetorical Theory, and Speech Writing.  With Richard McKeon, Andrews conceives of rhetoric as an “architectonic, productive art,” and thus locates his own studies at the intersection of communication, poetics, philosophy, anthropology, history, and science, among others.  Andrews’ research explores democracy and democratic “citizenship,” taking both to be as much dispositional as institutional; education as central to the development of that disposition, taking the Humane and Liberal Arts as paradigmatic; and the long-standing problem of the One and Many—the balance of societies and individuals—in an increasingly globalized world, particularly in the context of growing migration and increasing demands for minority rights, taking these relationships of One and Many (however locally defined) to be constituted by way of language and symbols. Professor Andrews’ work has appeared in Speaker and Gavel and in the edited collection, Global Academe: Engaging Intellectual Discourse, and at numerous conferences, where two pieces have earned “Top Paper” honors.