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John Minbiole

Lecturer in Communication Arts and Sciences, Assistant Director of Graduate Studies

244 Sparks
University Park , PA 16802

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. B.A., University of Central Florida, 1991
  2. M.A., Syracuse University, 2010
  3. Ph.D., Penn State University, 2015


John Minbiole studies the rhetoric of war and media, and thus inquires into social, cultural, political, and historical relationships to war.  More broadly, he is concerned with the ethics of rhetoric, communication and media, analyzing the character and customary practices of those who produce, read, and interpret texts, as well as how these parties cultivate their habits through rhetorical technologies of the self.  John has presented research at conferences of the National Communication Association and Rhetoric Society of America, and is currently working on journal articles on the narrative normalizations of war in popular film and on aesthetic hermeneutics and ethical engagements in anti-war films.  John teaches courses on the Rhetorics of War and Peace (CAS 373), Rhetoric and Civic Life (CAS 137H/138T), and Effective Speech – both Public Policy (CAS 100A) and Message Analysis (CAS 100C) emphases. He looks forward to teaching courses in narrative, cinematic, and visual rhetoric, meaning and rhetoric, and a genealogy of rhetorical concepts in the future.