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316 Sparks Building
University Park , PA 16802

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. B.A., Pepperdine University, 2011
  2. M.A., The Pennsylvania State University, 2013
  3. Ph.D, The Pennsylvania State University, 2017


Cory Geraths' research explores the rhetorical and historical intersections of gender, sexuality, and the fine arts. His dissertation, Voices and Visages: Mary Magdalene's Afterlives in Text and Art, is a feminist historiography of Mary Magdalene's diffuse and divergent histories of reception: in antiquity, the Renaissance, and the present day. This project questions the relationships between canonical and heretical representations of Mary, doing so through a consideration of canonical and apocryphal depictions of her on papyrus and in paint. Mary, given voice in recently discovered Gnostic texts and imaginative artistic treatments, invites renewed rhetorical investigation. Cory’s other ongoing research projects are a historical reclamation of Egyptian Gnostic rhetorics and a queer criticism of Pittsburgh’s The Andy Warhol Museum. Cory has taught and assisted a variety of courses at Penn State, in both Communication Arts and Sciences and Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, including: CAS 201 (Rhetorical Theory), CAS 100C (Message Analysis), CAS 100A (Public Speaking), CAMS 045 (Classical Mythology), CAMS 005/HIST 005 (Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations), and CAMS 004/RL ST 004/J ST 004 (Jewish and Christian Foundations). Cory served as the Assistant Director of the Basic Course (CAS 100) for the 2013-2014 academic year, and has co-authored (with Michele Kennerly) an article (Rhetoric Review 35.3, 2016) on artistic representations of Aspasia in nineteenth-century painting and an article (Communication Teacher 29.3, 2015) on Pinterest as a pedagogical tool for student research, organization, and success in the public speaking course. 

Advisor: Dr. Michele Kennerly