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Jessica Bargar Kuperavage wins the National Communication Association’s dissertation award!

Our own Jessica Bargar Kuperavage has won the NCA’s dissertation award this year! Titled "From Private Tragedy to Public Health: Public Health and the Rhetorics of Responsibility", Jessica’s dissertation was chosen from a record sixty dissertations submitted for this year’s contest. “My dissertation examined the ways Progressive Era reformers collected and spread information about preventive health measures and made their case for a deeper governmental commitment for the health of its people”,  Jessica said. “I explored this development from the perspective of a series of health campaigns and reforms that addressed infant and maternal mortality - reforms that set the political and rhetorical precedents for modern health and social welfare interventions.” Jeremy Engles was her adviser, along with Penn State faculty members J. Michael Hogan, Rachel A. Smith, and Susan Squire. “At the moment, I'm a mix of stunned and delighted. My dissertation felt risky while I was writing it, because I reached across the aisle into social scientific scholarship, so getting this stamp of approval from the field at large feels really great.” Way to go, Jessica!

CAS community members Parrot, Gouran, and Krieger receive awards

Three of our own have recently been recipients of distinguished awards for their great work. Janice Krieger has been awarded a University of Florida Foundation Professorship in recognition of her amazing record of scholarly contributions. Dennis Gouran has received the 2015 National Communication Association/American Forensic Association Conference on Argumentation Senior Scholar Award for his contributions to the study of argumentation. Roxanne Parrott has been named a Brashers Distinguished Mentor--The Dale E. Brashers Distinguished Mentor Award recognizes significant contributions to the field of health communication through mentorship of and advocacy for the discipline and its members. Kudos to all three!

Smith, MacGeorge and colleagues awarded PSU Pathway to Partnerships funding for novel research!

Communication Arts & Sciences' Rachel Smith and Erina MacGeorge, along with colleagues at Hershey Medical School and PA's Department of Health were awarded first stage funding through the PSU Pathway to Partnerships (P3) program. This funding will support their new research in the pediatric care context, focused on parent acceptance of “watchful waiting” (versus immediate antibiotic use) for children's ear infections, and childcare staffs' vaccination behavior. P3 funding runs in three stages: $5000 to develop a collaborative team, $75,000 to generate preliminary data, and then $300,000 for large proposal planning. The P3 funds will support and strengthen this innovative work on antibiotic stewardship and vaccine preventable childhood illness, helping to improve health in Pennsylvania and preparing the team to apply for R01 grants through the NICHD.

PSU Speech and Debate Society defeats Pitt, shines in tournaments

The Penn State Speech and Debate Society has enjoyed great success of late, defeating the University of Pittsburgh in the Centennial Debate—an event marking the 100th anniversary of the first debate between the two universities.

They also recently competed in the Lafayette Debates tournament in Washington D.C., and the Madison Cup in Harrisonburg, VA. They made it all the way to the Sweet 16 of the Lafayette Debates tournament before losing to the top seed, and took ninth place at the Madison Cup.

We applaud the Speech and Debate Society for continuing the tradition of debate competition at Penn State!

You can read more about their victory in the Centennial Debate over Pitt here:

You can read more about their efforts at the Lafayette Debates tournament and the Madison Cup here:

CAS major Briana Adams strives to bring awareness to injustice

CAS major and Schreyer Scholar Briana Adams is lauded in a Penn State News article today for her passion and activism. We are proud to call her one of our own! You can read the full article here: