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CAS mails out more than 150 dissertations and theses to former students

Claudia Horner, who serves as staff assistant/receptionist for our dept., has finished mailing out the dissertations and theses that CAS had accumulated over more than half a century.

The College of Liberal Arts is renovating shared staff space, and we decided there was no better place for these documents than their original authors or those authors' admirers. Thus, we undertook a mission to give them away.

Claudia offered this note about the project, which took several weeks to complete: "We found new homes for about 160 dissertations and theses, with faculty, current graduate students, alumni, and interested people in the field.  Requests came 23 states, some as far as Honolulu, Murfreesboro (Tenn.), and Seattle. And one alumna who lives in Toronto, Ontario claimed her dissertation.  Alumni shared stories about their days at Penn State, and spread the word to friends through Facebook.  My estimate is that if each box weighed 30 pounds (which I think this is on the low side), times 35 boxes, then we cataloged, sorted, moved, and repackaged over one half a ton of books. That’s a lot of learning!"

Special thanks to Tom Benson, Kirt Wilson, and the other CAS faculty who engineered this creative way of honoring these publications and the alumni who wrote them.

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