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Department Contact Information
Department of Communication Arts and Sciences
234 Sparks Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 865-3461
Fax: (814) 863-7986

About Us

About Us

This major provides increased understanding and practice in the ways humans use symbols to influence people and the world around them. The ability to communicate effectively with others in personal, social, work and multicultural situations is essential in modern society. A student of Communication Arts and Sciences will learn to think critically, analyze and solve problems, understand and manage conflict, argue persuasively, influence people, form and keep relationships, give effective presentations, and participate in the civic and political life of a community. The flexibility of the program offers preparation for a variety of careers such as administration, law, business, health, and human services fields. A CAS degree also lends itself well to a concurrent degree program in which students prepare themselves in several fields of study.

Department Contacts

Department Head: Dr. John W. Gastil-- 865-5232

Graduate Director: Dr. Kirt Wilson -- 865-1985

Undergraduate Director: Peter Miraldi -- 814-863-0100

Main Office

Robin Haynes,
(814) 865-5232
Administrative Services Team

Matt Lahrman,
(814) 865-5558
Enterprise Team and Student Services Team

Kendra Rackovan,
(814) 863-7035
Administrative Services Team, Team Leader

Natashia Richardson,
(814) 865-3462
Student Services Team

Sandy Rockwell,
(814) 865-5554
Enterprise Team, Team Leader

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