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Department Contact Information
Department of Communication Arts and Sciences
234 Sparks Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 865-3461
Fax: (814) 863-7986

About Us

The Communication Arts & Sciences Department is committed to the study, teaching, and practice of human communication for the betterment of Pennsylvania, the nation, and the world. Using methods and theories that span the humanities and social sciences, we create knowledge about the role of communication in diverse interpersonal, communal, national, international, and cultural settings. Our research is integral to our educational mission: to promote greater understanding of and facility with oral, written, and nonverbal communication.

Our highly-ranked graduate program and international prestige are the result of an intellectual community of diverse faculty, instructional staff, and graduate students. Our current foci include rhetorical theory and criticism, health communication, cultural and social critique, interpersonal and family communication across the life span, social influence and public deliberation. Our scholarship also builds on the innovative work that has established the department's remarkable history. Reflecting this work, we address communication ethics in research, teaching, and practice contexts. We are motivated by a shared curiosity as to how communication makes human relations possible and how it makes a difference in society.

Department Contacts

Department Head: Dr. John W. Gastil-- 865-5232

Graduate Director: Dr. Kirt Wilson -- 865-1985

Undergraduate Director: Peter Miraldi -- 814-863-0100

Main Office

Robin Haynes
(814) 865-5232
Administrative Services Team

Matt Lahrman
(814) 865-5558
Enterprise Team and Student Services Team

Letitia Bullock

(814) 865-3462
Undergraduate Program Assistant for Communication Arts Sciences

Andrea Michaels
(814) 865-8721
Undergraduate Program Assistant for Philosophy

Sandi Rockwell
(814) 865-5554
Enterprise Team, Team Leader

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